Beaufort & Blake: 5 Characters You’re Likely To Meet Travelling

For the fourth article in our ‘Shirting Tales’ series, we’ve delved deep into our travel journal to get inspiration for the five characters you’re likely to meet travelling. If you haven’t met any of the below – it’s probably you.

1. The Hound

This thirsty individual has an incredible knack for sniffing out a suitable watering hole at every place he stops. A connoisseur amongst his friends, he can talk you through the merits of an Asian whisky or a selection of Eastern European liqueurs that have no formal brand or label. If missing, you’re likely to find the hound (of the booze breed) slumped up against the hotel reception having failed a basic sobriety test to obtain the master key. His passion for a pint will, however, provide you with hours of stories that you will never quite believe actually happened. Most likely to wear his South-American beer branded t-shirt at any given opportunity.

2. The Culture Vulture

Just as an officer keeps his rifle with him at all times, this individual is always armed with his trusty travel guide. No temple too far, no museum too expensive – the culture vulture travels the world in a quest for knowledge. Prior to his trip, he will have researched the origins of the inhabitant civilisation and will be able to provide a century-by-century account of how said nation was formed. Whilst you may have scorned when he turned down your invite to a late night party, his immersive approach to new cultures will pay dividends around the dinner party table in years to come. Most likely to have a much better scrapbook than our number one.

3. The One

Having locked eyes across a picturesque beach bar, you instantly knew she was the one. Her tanned skin, coupled with her nonchalant approach to ‘smart evening wear’ had you cooing over her like a love-struck teenager. Whilst you’re whirlwind romance made you feel like a certain Mr Bond, the initial suspicion as to the origin of “the one’s” rather unusual tattoos lead you to an equally unusual backstory. Most likely to be the person you’re hiding from at the airport as you attempt to book an immediate flight to your next destination.

4. The Trustafarian

This young individual has the fashion sensibilities of a hippie but the bank balance the size of a small corporation. The trustafarian subscribes to a life of hedonism and adventure, whilst rejecting the constraints of official employment. With as many Visas in his wallet as his passport, this individual is often incredibly generous toward his travelling companions especially when sharing the delights of vegetarian cuisine. Most likely to use his signet ring to measure how successfully his dreadlocks have thickened.

5. The Keeper

Travelling can often lead to kindred spirits meeting in the most unlikely of scenarios. The keeper is that one individual you decided to stay in touch with following your travels, and who you now count as one of your close friends. This particular gentleman kept you laughing during arduous journeys and helped to make light of any bad situation. Most likely to introduce you to your future wife.

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