Beaufort & Blake showcase their new Dress Studs at the Rundle Cup 2014

Beaufort & Blake were delighted to attend the Army vs Navy Rundle Cup for their second year at Tidworth Polo Club last week. Fortunately the sun held out for most of the day which set high demand for Boxer shorts and resulted in a delightful day of trade. The event this year brought cracking Parachute displays, champagne fuelled commentary from the legendary Simon Legder and an exceptional few matches of Polo, namely from the winning Army Team and Prince Harry.

Patterned back dress shirts seemed no unfamiliar sight for many military folk on the day, not least because, as many of them told us, they were the founders of the garments back in the 80s. Custom made by their tailors on the Cyprus Garrison, many Officers would take delight in removing their Mess Jackets later in the evenings of Mess Dinners to display assortments of cartoons, Album artwork and even football stripes.

After a healthy lunch from the Gurkha Field Kitchen, Beaufort & Blake had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting Grey Fox Blog’s David Evans (who had been invited for lunch in Hackett’s very glamorous sponsorship marquee). He happened to walk past the B & B tradestand with Jeremy Hackett which was a pretty special moment and a superb opportunity to show off the brand.

Centre piece of the stand this year were displayed in a fine glass cabinet the brand new collection of Sterling Silver Dress Studs. These proved very popular amongst both Military and Civilian crowds, with the Skull & Crossbones studs perfectly showcasing the Regimental Crest of the Queen’s Royal Lancers and the Fox head studs a big hit for the hunting horde of the day.

As the Social Calendar slowly creeps into its busier half of the year, B & B continues its quest for growth. Next stop the Game Fair!

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