Beaufort & Blake source inspiration for AW14 Animal Prints

Beaufort & Blake has very recently just returned from their second inspirational voyage. This month we were seeking inspiration for our upcoming Autumn Winter 14 collection in the faraway lands of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo.

Borneo is the third largest Island in the World, lying directly on the Equator in South East Asia. Its climate carries only one season, which makes it home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world with an ecosystem that supports the largest diversity of Wildlife on Earth.

This incredible wilderness made the perfect ground for Beaufort & Blake research and inspiration. Throughout rivers and jungles we alone spotted Pigmy Elephants (little brothers of our African friends featured on our signature Ivory print), many species of Monkeys, Boars, Cats, Crocodiles, Frogs, Snakes, Spiders and Birds to name only a few. Perhaps enough animal prints to last for more than one season!

Our prints for this upcoming season will be inspired by the rainforest with a theme to showcase the diversity of Wildlife. The forefront of our collection will present Jungle prints on our trademark patterned back dress shirts and classic boxer shorts and will be available to shop from October.

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