Upcoming Bow Tie Collection - Behind The Scenes

It's safe to say that the beauty of English manufacturing is still alive and seems to be picking up pace once again.

In the wake of releasing our new silk bow tie collection, it seemed appropriate to let you in behind the scenes to offer a glimpse of the process and gain an insight into the Surrey based supplier we have the pleasure of working with.

It all begins on paper. Ideas are translated into drawings and drawings translated into computer generated  artwork. Creative sessions are key to the development of the collection and what makes Beaufort & Blake remarkably unique. Inspiration is drawn from our upcoming print themes and ties together with our patterned back dress shirts.

Below an image of the aladdin's cave of silks and materials used to create part of the new bow tie collection. Crafted from the finest 100% silk.


After long meetings, endless sampling and fine tuning the final product finally appears and awaits its launch. Our new bow tie collection will be available from Mid March 2015. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of its arrival.


Beaufort & Blake.

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