Beaufort & Blake: History of the Oxford Shirt

The staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe, the ever-versatile Oxford shirt is steeped in history. Despite the name, the shirt was first conceived in 19th century Scotland where local fabric mills set about the process of creating new weaves and new fabrics. Four shirt fabrics in particular, all named after the best universities of the time – Yale, Cambridge, Harvard and of course Oxford, led to the birth of a garment no man should live without.

History Oxford Shirt

Whilst production of the other three fabrics ceased, it was the Oxford weave that captivated the shirt industry. First becoming a sporting shirt for English polo players, the Oxford was fast adopted by Ivy League students who fell in love with the garments sporting and aristocratic credentials. It wasn’t long before their youthful exuberance led to a slight re-styling of the shirt, making it a more casual option.

Oxford Shirt Polo

The Oxford shirt is an important staple piece in the Beaufort & Blake collection with signature pattern detailing and a button down collar. Made from two different strands of yarn woven in a basket-weave pattern, our 100% cotton shirts have a distinguishable finish.

Oxford Shirt Details

Tucked in or out, the Oxford shirt is undoubtedly the most versatile garment available to the modern gent.

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