Beaufort & Blake Recommends: Top 5 Shooting Etiquette Tips

To celebrate our collaboration with gentleman's and country sports outfitter Cordings of Piccadilly we've used a little tongue in cheek to bring you our top 5 etiquette tips. 

The unwritten shooting code is based on common sense and rules passed down through generations. We’ve pulled together our top five shooting etiquette tips to ensure you’re always invited back:

1. Dress Appropriately

It’s important to dress appropriately, not ‘to be seen to be seen’, but rather to make sure you stay warm, dry and good company throughout. We can all smell an in-experienced gun a mile off when he turns up in a jacket that looks like he has just competed in the Olympic skeet shooting competition (probably with a small dog of indeterminable breeding in tow). Choose your tweed wisely…

2. Check, and check again!

Don’t forget vital bits of kit – we’re always amazed how many people forget their cartridges or, on some occasions, even their gun! That said, no one likes a gun with all the gear but no idea. An over-and-under is only acceptable in the field if you can hit the beak of a woodcock as you light a roll-up and whistle for the dog.

3. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbour’s bird

Don’t poach your neighbours’ bird, end of. Once or twice it can be amusing, especially if you’ve known them since birth, but never when it’s your host. This rule also applies to your host’s wife or, if legal, their daughter.

4. Do drink too much at the shoot lunch

Obviously we are advocates of safety but it’s common knowledge that drinking heavily at lunch improves one’s aim in the afternoon. That said, in your merry state do not drunkenly abuse the grumpy, awfully dressed chap on the shooting stick by your peg. It’s highly likely that he’s the titled owner of the estate….

5. Always thank your hosts and the keeper.

After the day’s sport, its important to thank the keeper by tipping handsomely – even if the only thing that flew was his temper. Ignore the fact that in return, it’s likely he will give you a pair of birds he caught earlier in the week.


Discover the Cordings collaboration here. 

 Image Credit: Oliver Preston

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