Beaufort & Blake Recommends: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for the office Christmas party

It may be a time for celebration, but as the festive season quickly descends upon us there’s one hazard we should all negotiate carefully – the infamous office Christmas party. To avoid facing such severe guilt the next morning that you don’t want to show your face at work, we strongly advise you take note of our top five do’s and don’ts. Gentleman, take note…

Office Christmas Party

Don’t: Get too drunk

It seems obvious, but this is one of the most common mistakes to make. Whilst it’s a party and a lot of the people there may be your friends - always question whether that final jaegerbomb is necessary. This advice might also save you gentleman from getting a little too well acquainted with some of your female counterparts. Unless she handles company expenses then we advise a strict ‘no-go’ policy.

Do: Dress appropriately

If your office party has a strict dress code – stick to it. Your boss certainly didn’t hire you for you despicable taste in novelty Christmas ties. Whilst you’re not necessarily going to get a promotion for being the ‘best-dressed’ we recommend you demonstrate some of your sartorial nous. If you’re struggling for inspiration then take your pick from one of our classic oxford shirts.

Don’t: Be a slave to social media

Sitting in a corner regularly updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts is not only a serious social faux pas but also high risk if you’ve had a drink. Most people at the party want to send the year’s hard work off in style rather than having the iPhone paparazzi following them around. If you happen to catch an office indiscretion on camera then we recommend you delete immediately!

Do: Have an escape plan

Many would consider their work colleagues as friends but unfortunately for some this doesn’t apply. To avoid spending one of your precious December evenings listening to Colin from accounts talk incessantly about ‘the good old days’ then ensure you have a fully charged phone with a taxi app one click away. If anything, ensure at least one person is watching your back to rescue you from pitiful conversations about your company’s lack of stationery. 

Beaufort & Blake Tie

Don’t: Pull a sickie

This is the one night of the year that your boss has given a carte blanche for everyone in the office to have a hangover. No matter how much you want to remain in the comfort of your bed the next morning, pulling a sickie is unforgivable. Simply fire up that coffee machine, down that Berocca and strap in for a day of hung-over jokes and minimal productivity.

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