Beaufort & Blake Recommends: 5 Things You Must Do in 2016

Over the last week, we’ve all been listening to friends and work colleagues badgering on about their newly pledged resolutions for 2016. The vast majority of New Year resolutions seem to centre on giving up certain vices, eating healthier food and (but of course) doing more exercise. 

Whilst highly admirable, it’s unlikely that all of these pledges will exist beyond January. This is why we’ve decided to pull together our top 5 things you should take up in 2016, rather than leave out:

1. Read more

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. This year, dedicate more time to immersing yourself in a literary world. Whether it comes in a paper, tablet or smartphone form, a book can both relax and enhance the mind. Not only will you feel intellectually enriched but you’ll also earn yourself some serious social currency. Think of the satisfaction when you can rightly claim you’ve read everything on your bookshelf.

2. Invest Wisely

You don’t have to be a city trader to put your disposable income and savings to better use. Scrap the mental image of Wolf-of-Wall-Street-esque investment schemes, as the key is to start small – take a grassroots approach. Investment success can often be found when individuals work with a commodity they have a natural affinity toward, whether that be art, wine, watches or even classic cars. Seek advice in an area that interests you or, if feeling a little more confident, speak to an expert about entry into stocks and shares.

3. Try (not dry) January

We applaud all those who have taken on the gauntlet of Dry-January but we also applaud those that have started this year as they ended the last. For all those ploughing ahead with 2016, we suggest you join us in kicking off the year with Try-January. We implore you to move away from your regular wine, beer or spirit and go for something you’ve never tried. You can thank us later for the alcoholic gems you uncover!

4. Upgrade your wardrobe

New year, new you? Nope. New year, new wardrobe! Every gentleman needs to refresh his wardrobe essentials and throw out certain items that look like they’ve seen better days. We suggest you start with the basics and work your way up to the all important statement pieces. If you’re struggling where to start, allow us to provide some Beaufort & Blake inspiration

5. Explore

Europe is on our doorstep – go explore! Booking a flight can now only take minutes so we refuse to listen to your excuses as to why your weekends are not filled with European mini breaks. For those who prefer to stay a little closer to home, dedicate a morsel of time researching your local area as you’ll be surprised by the activities on offer you’ve never done.

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