Beaufort & Blake Recommends: Top 5 Essential Travel Items

For the first post in our ‘Shirting Tales’ series, in which we follow the journey of Mr Beaufort Esq. and Mr Blake Esq. across the globe, we’ve pulled together our top five travel essentials every gentleman should consider packing. This is not a definitive list for the global explorer but instead a selection of the perfect travel accompaniments.

1. Camera

It seems that we over rely on our smartphones now to capture those special travelling moments. Yes, the photos can easily be edited and shared whilst on the go but sometimes that small lens doesn’t quite capture the magic of the unforgettable view ahead. To ensure that your photos come out how you envisaged, we recommend that every gentleman should invest heavily in a new camera. If you’re struggling to know where to start, have a look at some of Leica’s latest models…

2. Grooming Kit

Travelling means that your familiar grooming routine will undoubtedly be disturbed. Maintaining immaculate facial hair whilst travelling is not necessarily of the upmost importance but a smart beard can often open doors you least expected. We are not suggesting you bring the whole bathroom sink but instead pack a neat grooming kit that you can use when you need to brush up a little.

3. Linen Shirt

When on his travels, no gentleman quite knows whom he will end up rubbing shoulders with. To avoid having to turn down an event invitation that requires smart attire, it’s essential that a linen shirt (at the bare minimum) be packed. We recently attended an evening with Levison Wood at Mr Fogg’s Residence, Mayfair, where the intrepid explorer and renowned photographer admitted that having a linen shirt packed has helped him avoid some socially awkward situations.

4. Headphones

“Headphones?” We hear you say. “But surely the point of travelling is to fully absorb the sights and sounds of your newly found surroundings?” Well, let us explain. Whilst not frequently used, a good pair of headphones (preferably noise cancelling) can transform an unfathomably long journey into a pleasurable experience. We recommend that you invest some time ahead of your trip downloading a series of podcasts, an audiobook or simply refining your Spotify playlists to ensure endless journeys pass quickly. You can thank us later for the noise cancelling recommendation when you’re positioned on a long-haul flight between two young children.

5. Travel Journal

Photographs can be a fantastic way of documenting a trip but sometimes the trusty pen is the best aide in ensuring you don’t forget every detail. By regular diarising in a dedicated travel journal you’ll find that, upon return, you won’t have forgotten some of the more unique travel moments (oh, and did we mention that having a journal helps when needing to quickly write down the phone number of your holiday acquaintance).

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