Beaufort & Blake Recommends: 5 Ways Every Gentleman Should Travel

We certainly agree with the notion that every gentleman should travel in luxury and style. That said, a true gentleman should steer away from the ostentatious option of a first class plane ticket or even a ‘gin palace’ motor yacht (both better suited to our ‘Supercar-Sheikh’ brethren). For the second article in our 'Shirtings Tales' series, we’ve therefore pulled together some of the more refined ways every gentleman should travel.

1. Yacht

Forget the motor super-yacht, a true gentleman should be able to travel across oceans and seas by harnessing the power of one of nature’s best gifts – the wind. Picture it now – yacht’s wheel in one hand and a gin & tonic in the other as you follow your chosen course across crystal clear waters. Slight caveat, you’ll need to pull together a selection of friends who are willing to crew (and keep your glass regularly topped up).

2. Private Plane

No, we’re not talking about a private jet here. Instead, we’re talking about the kind of plane that a gentleman can jump behind the controls of. There’s no better way to hop from one Caribbean Island to the other or from one reserve to the next. Unfortunately a short stint on Flight Simulator will not give you the correct qualifications to jump from passenger to pilot.

*If you’re reading this article and possess the ability to successfully pilot a helicopter then we’ll gladly receive written letters as to why it should be included in the article.

3. Classic Car

You’ll struggle to find a modern supercar that can compete both audibly and aesthetically with a classic car. Simply drop the roof, if possible, and clock those miles in style. People you meet along the way will be much more interested to share tales if you arrive in an automotive classic. Arriving at your destination in a low-slung supercar that’s just rolled off the production line doesn’t quite send the right message.

4. Motorcycle

Moving from four wheels to two might not be to every gentleman’s taste but a motorcycle can often be the most appropriate mode of transport. Not only will the inability to pack vast amounts lead to a more spontaneous journey but you’ll also find that others are more welcoming to a gentleman on a motorbike. We’re not talking about a ‘bee-in-a-tin’ moped but instead a classic scrambler or modern adventure-touring bike that loves a bit of off-road as much as it does on.

5. Train

Here in the UK, the era of luxurious travel by train has been marred by delays, rail replacement services and poor customer service. That said, there are a number of exceptions across the world where one can experience a truly first class experience. We’ve discovered an adventure-by-rail that takes you between the imperial cities of Morocco on what was formerly known as the Marrakech Express. The rail odyssey takes you through Morocco, North Africa’s most beguiling cultural destination, and offers the most luxurious sleeper cabins. Think the Royal Scotsman meets Laurence of Arabia (accompanied by a regular stocked drinks cabinet).

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