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Beaufort & Blake: 5 Essential Accessories for Him

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories, and boy is there a lot out there to choose from. To ensure you’re making the right selections and picking out those important stocking thrillers for Christmas, we’ve pulled together our top 5 essential accessories for him.

Beaufort & Blake

Gone are the days of needing a cumbersome wallet that holds more bank cards than you will ever actually use in a single day. With contactless and smartphone pay, now all that’s needed is a streamlined card holder that contains your bare essentials. Not only will your pockets be grateful for lighter load but you’ll also resist the urge to collect every receipt, train ticket and business card you know you’re never going to really need.


Beaufort & Blake 

Nothing demonstrates more that you’ve got an eye for detail than complementing your outfit with a suitably smart pair of socks. Depending on the occasion we would always recommend injecting some colour into your outfit with a bold tone or pattern. We guarantee that people will begin to take note of your newly found appreciation for a good pair of socks.



Your morning dash from the tube to the office is never fun at the best times, let alone when it’s mid-winter and it’s raining the proverbial. To ensure you don’t arrive at work soaked to the core we strongly recommend a long handled sturdy steel framed umbrella that will withstand the test of time. Don’t be wooed by the option of a short umbrella – yes, it might fit neatly into a coat pocket but it’s guaranteed to break after one gust of wind.
Beaufort & Blake Recommends: London Undercover – City Gent Bamboo-Handle Umbrella 


Unless you’re a watch aficionado it can be quite tough to know what timepiece to wear. If you’re in doubt we would recommend keeping it simple – don’t be phased by the technical lingo used in the watch industry and pick out something with a simple, classic face. By no means are we discrediting the beautiful craftsmanship of some of Switzerland’s finest handmade watches but sometimes simplicity always prevails.
Beaufort & Blake Recommends: Larsson & Jennings Lugano 38mm



It’s time to ditch those white headphones of yours and treat your ears to an audible feast. If you’re wanting to zone out the rest of your tube carriage in the morning or really get immersed into your motivational playlist at the gym then we strongly advise an in-ear noise cancelling option. Try to avoid going for any bulky over-ear options that may give off the impression you’re still hoping for your DJ career to take off.
Beaufort & Blake Recommends: B&O Play H3 ANC Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

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