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Beaufort & Blake: 5 Occasions A Tie Is An Absolute Must

If anyone says to you that ties are no longer an essential part of a gentleman’s outfit then they are either: (a) lying, (b) unable to tie a tie, or (c) not telling the truth. As we look over the precipice of an increasingly open-necked world, here are the five occasions that a tie is an absolute must.


As Alex Bilmes, Editor-in-Chief of Esquire, said “wearing a suit without a tie is nothing short of a sartorial tragedy” – no more so than at a wedding. If you’re too stubborn to join the groom in adorning a morning suit then a tie, at the bare minimum, is an absolute must. See it as a demonstration of your sartorial flare during the day and an obligatory rock ‘n’ roll bandana at night (only condoned on this one occasion). Those attending a wedding without a tie might think they look like a suave Euro-smoothie but instead look more like a Costa del Sol holidaying wideboy. You’ve been warned!

Which tie to wear: Keep it classic with the Regatta Elephant Print Silk Tie


Next time you’re at the races take a look around you and study the sartorial selection of your fellow race-goers. If they’re not wearing a tie then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong enclosure. Whether you’re heading to Newbury or Newmarket we would recommend using the tie as a flash of colour in your tweed ensemble. Extra bonus points if the silk print takes inspiration from the pastimes of your rural surroundings.

Which tie to wear: Inject some colour with the Coral Ziggy Print Silk Tie.


The tie is not a workplace accessory but a clear demarcation between work and play. For when we remove our ties, we’re telling our bodies that it’s time to relax. Tie time belongs to the hours of earning and learning, open neck time belongs to the hours of burning. So if you want that dream job or even a promotion then a silk tie is an absolute must. “But Mark Zukerberg doesn’t wear a tie”, I hear you say. Correct. But life’s too short to take style tips from a man that wears a grey t-shirt to work everyday.

Which tie to wear: Stay sharp with the Blue Elephant Print Silk Tie.


Before you even think it – no, we don’t mean novelty ties. Never ever consider wearing a novelty tie, unless in doing so raises considerable amounts of money for charity. At the start of the day throw on a tie to set your Christmas off with the right tone, although we would recommend a v-neck jumper on top to prevent the silk from dipping in the cranberry sauce. Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and festive tradition - spending the whole day in pyjamas slobbed in front of the TV certainly doth butter no parsnips.

Which tie to wear: It’s got to be festive – choose the Red Pheasant Tie.


Now that Prince Harry is officially off the market, you’re loved one’s grandmother is going to want to know that her precious granddaughter is seeing a suitably debonair alternative. The same applies for her grandfather who is likely to have made his fortune with the aide of a number of silk ‘power-ties’. If wearing a tie feels slightly out of social context when visiting the grandparents then simply explain that you’ve just been at an incredibly important meeting that could see your career rocket to new heights. If you’re seeking their blessing then a tie is an absolute must!

Which tie to wear: Nautical number should to do the trick – go for the Navy Sailing Boat Print Tie

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