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Beaufort & Blake: London’s Top 5 Winter Pubs

As Christmas draws to a close it’s time to wile away the remaining days of 2016 in the comfort of the pub. If you’re struggling to think where in London will have a roaring fire, a plethora of boardgames and an award winning selection of ales then here are our top 5 winter pubs (Beaufort & Blake does not accept responsibility for any ensuing hangovers!)

The Builder’s Arms 

13 Britten Street, London
Step off the Kings Road and you’ll find The Builder’s Arms – one of West London’s best pubs and the perfect place to lose a couple of hours (or days). If you’re looking for a home from home and some big sofas to nestle into then this is the pub for you. We would recommend booking a spot to avoid any disappointment!

The Prince Albert

85 Albert Bridge Road, London
Just a stone throw away from Battersea Park, The Prince Albert is the perfect final destination after a long winter walk (it’s time to face up the consequences of all those mince pies). Once inside you’ll be welcomed by a roaring fire and a guest ale selection that could quench any man’s thirst.

The Dove

19 Upper Mall, London
Set right on the River Thames, The Dove is steeped in both charm and history. Take a seat next to fire and you’ll become a part of London’s rich history as it was in this pub that ‘Rule Britannia’ was written and Charles II wined and dined his mistress. If it’s not too cold then step out onto the riverside terrace and take in one of the best views a London pub could offer. Oh, and we did we mention that it has the world’s smallest bar room according to the Guinness Book of Records?

The Spaniards Inn

Spaniards Road, London
If you’re looking for a country pub in the city then The Spaniards Inn in Hamstead is the one for you. Similarly to The Dove, this pub has also earned itself a place in the history books with Dickens immortalizing it in The Pickwick Papers and rumours that Keats enjoyed a glass of red or two here whilst writing Ode To A Nightingale. With a separate dining area, roaring fires in the winter and plenty of cosy nooks to get lost in this is a Beaufort & Blake personal favourite. 

The Crown

174 Richmond Road, Twickenham
If all of the above feel too familiar then we would recommend hopping on the train or in the car to The Crown in Twickenham. Upon arrival you’ll be met by a roaring fire, deep squishy sofas and armchairs, newspapers to read and TVs to catch the day’s sports. What more could you want to escape a cold winter’s day?

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