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If you ever wondered what it would be like to live and run your business outside the big smoke, then meet Emma Frampton - Bath based entrepreneur and founder of Juice Collective.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Emma at the heart of Juice Collective to hear about the story behind her brand, start-up life and a few of Bath’s best kept secrets.

Tell us a bit about yourself, have you always been into health & wellbeing?

“Actually no, I think when I was growing up it wasn’t really an issue, I would eat meals at home that my parents cooked for me. Healthy meals would always be on the table but I’d never say no to a pudding!  Social media has definitely played a huge factor in the whole health and wellbeing industry; fitness, food and drinks. For me, it was in my early twenties when my dad was ill, that I suddenly realised that our health is probably the most important thing that we have and that everyone should take an interest in looking after not just ourselves but the people around us.”

“Our whole business is about balance. We know that people drink wine, they eat chocolate, drink coffee and we don't want to stop that. We just want to add in a product that is easy for you to pick up off the shelf. I’m usually running around like a headless chicken so I don't always have the time to make a meal which has got my five a day in it. Our juice gives you that boost and what you need in an easy and convenient way.”


What made you start juice collective?

“It was really a mixture of always wanting to have my own business, wanting to get away from an office job and having a real passion for this particular product. My background is manufacturing and I grew up watching drinks being processed so it all felt incredibly natural. Making juices and smoothies at home had always been part of my life so I took the plunge; I wanted to create something that was easy to drink on the go in such our hectic lives.”

“Growing up and seeing my dad run his own business has meant that there’s always been an entrepreneur within me.”

What are the benefits of cold press juice compared to normal juice?

“By cold-pressing our ingredients instead of blending centrifugally, we are preserving those nutrients as best as we possibly can. When juicing centrifugally, which is a very popular method to use at home - you create not only a lot of heat, but also oxidisation which will degrade the nutrients extremely quickly. With cold press juice, a hydraulic press is used to press the fruit and veg. You’re not using any heat to create the product which means none of the nutrients are lost by using heat and oxygen.”

“Quite simply, we cold press to ensure you get the optimal nutritional benefits from every colourful drop.”

Why is health important to you?

“Stress and living a very unbalanced lifestyle can have a really bad effect on your health. Since my early twenties, I’ve totally changed my lifestyle so I can enjoy life more and so can the people around me. The reason I started my business was to try and have a good work/ life balance. I think health should be important to everyone whether it’s your priority or not.”

What makes Juice Collective different to other cold press juice brands?

“Within the South West market, there’s not a huge amount of cold-pressed juice brands - In London it’s far more saturated than down here in Bath. We have been adamant that we will always produce our own product. We have a passion for manufacturing cold-pressed juice and we will never outsource. We have such a connection with our product from hand selecting the veg, to pressing and packaging it all up to sending the bottles out to the customer. Knowing every single step of the process is definitely what makes us different.” 

Wellbeing is obviously important to you, what do you do to switch off?

“It’s probably as simple as hanging out with my boyfriend Ryan and my Dachshund, Nora. I work so much that its important for me to spend my time off with friends and family. (Haven’t quite figured out my personal work/life balance yet)!

How would you describe your personal clothing style - weekday vs. weekends?

“Very casual, because mostly I’m in the unit. Unless I’m going to a meeting (you know first impressions and all that), where I might wear jeans and a nice top. Otherwise my style doesn’t really differ from the week to the weekend, except for the occasional rare night out - then I’ll dress up!”

What are your wardrobe staples?

“A pair of dungarees, I’m always in them! They’re so useful as I can fit a bottle of juice in the top pocket, and my phone and my keys - (Sadly Nora the dachshund doesn’t quite fit)...” 

Favourite thing to do in Bath at the weekend?

“Probably go for walks, it’s so beautiful. Coffee shops, out to dinner with friends, but usually dog walking. The Cresent and The Circus are so pretty.”

Bath’s best kept secret?

“Probably the never ending canals. They just keep on going so the perfect place for beautiful long walks. Hiring a narrow boat to go up and down the river in summer is also so much fun. Nora and I walk along the canal most weekends - It feels like you’re in the countryside yet you’re right next to such a beautiful city.”

Favourite restaurants you’d recommend in Bath?

“I’d recommend ‘Corkage’ because they do the most delicious small plates and amazing wine as well as Hunter & Sons for the perfect brunch.

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