Dust off your tennis shoes - summer is here and it’s time to get back out on court. Ahead of this year’s Wimbledon Championships, we caught up with former tennis pro Miles Bugby in Hyde Park to get his top tips for perfecting your game this summer (we accept no responsibility for any resulting broken strings or friendships!)


Bugby recommends: “The key to a consistent and lasting game is to nail your groundstrokes (any shot played after the ball has bounced). When receiving from your opponent, early preparation is essential – ensure your feet are in the correct position to allow you to contact the ball in front of you. Make sure your body weight is going forward through the ball. Don’t lean back, it will only end badly for you!”


“Whether you’re playing singles or doubles – remain alert at the net and keep your racket up and in front of you at all times. Never allow the racket to go behind you, simply step forward to contact the ball with no swing. Keep your eye on the ball as it makes contact with your racket – it’ll help in poaching those winning points.”


Bugby suggests: “We’ve all done it, the ball heads skywards and you feel it’s time to show the opposing player your ‘super smash’. This inevitably ends in an embarrassingly wayward shot that graces the adjoining courts baseline. To prevent this from happening, be sure to get behind the ball and remain balanced at all times. The key is to keep an eye on where your opponent has positioned themselves, catching them on the back foot will ensure another victorious set.”


“Whilst you might be keen to increase your tennis serve speed, I’d instead suggest you focus on placement and technique. Consistency is more likely to carry you through a summer game rather than the odd unreturnable serve. As simple as it may seem, the ball toss is one of the most important parts to your serve. Try to toss the ball a little in front and to the right (1 o’clock) without moving your feet. You’ll be emulating Murray in no time…”


“Use the summer heat to your advantage, make your opponent work! If you’re facing a friend that is a little out of shape and has failed to shift their ‘winter padding’ then use the full width of the court and make them run. It might sound a little un-sporting but you’ll be glad it’s not you left red-faced at the end of the match.”

If you feel your tennis game needs a bit more of an overhaul then we’d suggest you get in touch with Miles Bugby directly. Anyone for tennis…?

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