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Beaufort & Blake: Our Top 5 Re-Opened Pubs

Nothing brought as much excitement to the socially distanced British public as these four euphoric words — ‘the pubs are re-opening’! Pints are well overdue and so we’ve rounded up our top five pubs, open and ready to quench your thirst. Please note - we accept no responsibility for any resulting hangovers or regrettable decisions made.

The Grenadier

 Belgravia, London 

Frequented by King George IV, count yourself amongst royalty at this iconic pub. Originally an officer’s mess, legend has it The Grenadier was named after a young soldier called Cedric who was caught cheating at cards and punished by death. Visitors hang money from the ceiling in an attempt to pay his debt, but beware of ghostly happenings…

We recommend: their signature Bloody Mary - just the right amount of Tabasco to Worcestershire.

The Grenadier, Belgravia

The Bell Inn

Langford, Cotswolds 

With a large beer garden overlooking the Cotswolds countryside and self-professed ‘straightforward wine list’, The Bell Inn is deliciously simple and unpretentious. Bonus points for being a pillar to the community over lockdown, temporarily converting into a village shop for essentials. They're now back up and running with their true calling and ready to take your order.

We recommend: the truffle and mozzarella pizza, fresh from the pizza oven.

The Bell Inn, Langford

The Green Man

King’s Stag, Dorset 

It doesn’t get more homegrown than The Green Man, located in the village of King’s Stag since the 17th Century. With an ethos of supporting as many local suppliers as possible, where better to drink and be merry? The pretzel bun burgers have gained near iconic status with the locals.

We recommend: The house special beef burger and chunky chips. We'll fight you for it.

Fox and Pheasant

Chelsea, London

“Is this the pub owned by James Blunt?” Yes, yes it is. But that’s not the only brilliant thing about it (we’re die-hard fans and unashamed of it). Tucked away in a small corner of Chelsea, the garden roof opens up like Wimbledon - the perfect spot for a glass of rosé (or two).

We recommend: the house brew, The Fox & Pheasant lager.

The Fox and Pheasant, Chelsea

The Halfway House

Pitney, Somerset

 The chatter of happy drinkers and the faint smell of wood-smoke will lead you to family-run The Halfway House. As quintessentially Somerset as it comes, you'll likely rub shoulders with The Wurzels and Michael Eavis, to name a few. With over ten ales all drawn straight from the casks in the cellar, and locally produced ciders, you won’t be disappointed.

We recommend: the ham, egg and chips. Local ham, fresh eggs and chunky chips with just a dash of salad - unpretentious and delicious.

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