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Mr Beaufort: 5 Types of Cyclists Spotted During Lockdown

It’s safe to say the bicycle has emerged as the true king of the roads these past few months. From the reluctant pedaller to the lycra-clad enthusiast, five distinct cycling breeds have emerged during lockdown. And who knows, maybe you're in one of them...

The Reluctant Cyclist
Forced on their bike because there’s simply nothing else to do. With a gaggle of ducklings in tow, you’ll usually spot the dad in front, a sheen of sweat on his forehead, gritting his teeth as he bites back from informing his children that no, they are not “NEARLY THERE YET”. A few tears have already been shed by two thirds of the group,
but all in the name of a family day out, hey?

Uniform: With a comfortable hint of stretch our chino shorts are the ones to reach for. Brighten your day with bold colour or shark embroidery.  
  The Chino Cyclist
Destined for The King’s Road or perhaps simply the village shop, the chino cyclist rides their pastel coloured Pashley bike with pride. A wicker basket on the front is an absolute necessity, either filled with fresh bread or a delightfully small dog. No need to keep a lookout, you’ll hear them coming with the spritely jangle of their bike bell. 

Uniform: Our Solent chinos are a must. Why not match your bike to your outfit and opt for the Thorley shirt in basil or iris. For the female cyclists - now’s the time to embrace Parisienne chic with the Easton Breton.

The Brompton Breed
Like some strange descendent of the Penny-farthing, the Brompton bike is always a sight to behold. Usually seen flying through the city with a suit jacket for a cape, this Surrey-dweller can now be spotted tentatively venturing to town on the hunt for food. Mask on, hand gel in the back pocket and shopping list in hand, the Brompton cyclist rides with a purpose like never before. 

Uniform: have the Alverston knit or Oakfield jumper around your shoulders, ready for that headwind.

The Amateur
Fingerless gloves - tick. Padded shorts - tick. Sunglasses - tick. Lycra - tick. Now fully kitted out, it’s time to head out on the road. Word of warning - hang back if you see them coming. With their feet newly clipped in, they’re only ever a slight wobble away from falling. It makes you wonder what is more wounded, their body or their pride...

Off-duty uniform: you’ve peeled off the lycra and it’s time to get into something comfortable. Lightweight and indisputably cool, the Borthwood linen shirt is the answer. 

The Pro
‘Click, click’ and they’re off, slicing through the atmosphere on their noble steed. Blink and you’ll miss them, just a blur of Rapha kit. There is nothing quite like the relationship between a pro and their bike, a bond cemented by hours endured on a rock-solid seat (but it’s lightweight carbon so worth it, obviously). Rainy day? No problem, they’ll be rigged up indoors sweating away as they pound the virtual road. After all, those Strava segments wait for no man. 

Off-duty uniform: after a long day, sit back and relax in the soft-to-touch cotton Arreton polo.

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