Seasons change, and so should your wardrobe. It’s time to rest those winter layers and prepare yourself for spring. Taking a step toward summer can mean one of two things – either a total wardrobe overhaul or a simple style injection to elevate your existing ensemble. Whichever side of the hanging rail you stand on, Mr Beaufort is here to help. Here are my five essential pieces that will put a spring in your step this season.


Don’t let spring catch you off-guard, it’s a season of transition so your wardrobe must be able to handle all weather eventualities. There’s no longer a need for your winter wool coat, instead you should opt for a windbreaker that keeps you warm from work to on the water. This season, I’ll be wearing the Wells Classic Regatta Windbreaker (I’d suggest you make the investment too). You’ll thank me when the heavens open!



It’s not quite summer yet which means your wardrobe contains a weird mix of winter and spring clothing. Don’t panic! Instead, see the climatic change as an opportunity to showcase the unsung hero of winter – the jumper. To cover all bases, every man should have a thick jumper to layer over shirts when the cold bites. If you’re like me and plan to spend the majority of your time by the coast then I’d recommend the Hapton Fisherman Jumper, once adorned you’ll become quite the catch.




Keep it classic when it comes to chinos. Save your brighter coloured options for summer and instead opt for subtle spring tones that compliment your shirting selection. The change in weather will signal a change in shoe, so be sure to consider how you pair the two to prevent the dreaded chino clash. Top tip – consider the length of your chino when investing for spring, it’s likely you’ll want to roll them up during the hotter months.




The winter months are nearly over, the annual migration from hiding at home to patrolling the pub garden is on the horizon and it’s time to start sartorially planning. I’d suggest you take your shirting selection seriously and invest in one or two key items that you can throw on for any occasion. If you’re currently staring down the barrel of spending the season single, then I’d suggest you opt for our Hemsby Lightwash Denim Chambray. Take my word for it – your single status will hinge upon this shirt!

What to wear: Hemsby Lightwash Chambray & Ashby Midwash Chambray


Don’t let shopping for spring weigh you down, lighten the load and begin with a boxer short refresh that will see you through to next winter. It’s imperative that you don’t cut corners when browsing for boxers, investing in soft cotton will ensure you remain comfortable in the saddle from dusk till dawn. Do I really need to tell you where to find the best boxer shorts?

Refresh your Boxer Drawer here

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