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Mr Beaufort’s Guide: What To Do This Bank Holiday

All hail the August bank holiday! Lord knows we deserve it. No more “you’re on mute…”, no more insistent pings of Slack messages sliding through. A work-free Monday is an ice cream cone of happiness, with an Aperol spritz on the side for good measure. The only question is - coast, country or town?

For the coastal-seekers
Only an hour outside London, the sandy dunes of West Wittering's beach are the perfect spot to blow away the cobwebs. The striped beach huts and miles of golden sand won’t disappoint. Shallow waters transform it into a watersports hotspot when the wind picks up, so why not try your hand at windsurfing? Guaranteed you won’t look as good as you think you do, but it’ll still make for a jolly good day on the water. Top tip though, don’t forget your suncream. Let’s stick to eating lobster, rather than looking like one....

What to wear: A pair of quick-dry swims and a breathable linen shirt are essential. 

For the country-explorers
A vision of arcadian paradise, The Newt in Somerset is a country estate like no other. Nestled in amongst orchards, lakes and gardens sits the 17th century Georgian country home. For a truly unique visit stay in one of the luxury converted stables, complete with wood-burning stoves and heavenly king-sized beds. Sip on home-brewed cyder whilst exploring the woodlands and meadows, unwind in the spa and indulge in afternoon tea. Bobbing around in
an indoor-outdoor pool sounds pretty good to me. 

What to wear: chinos and a crisp cotton shirt are a must. Have a knit on hand for sundowners. 

For the town-hunters
If you loathe the thought of sitting stationary on the motorway, having run out of all conversation with your passengers and considering abandoning ship and walking just for something to do…why not stay in town? Hop on a Boris bike and pedal across the river to brunch at Daylesford. Nothing kick-starts the day quite like poached eggs on toast with a rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce. Full stomach, happy days. Next stop - Portobello Market. Wander past rainbow houses and weave through the bric-a-brac. It’s an Aladdin’s Cave of candle sticks, teapots and vintage clothes. Whether you’re in the middle of renovating or just wanting to jazz up your home office, you’ll find some gems. And finally, round off a brilliant day with a trip to The Ginstitute in Notting Hill. A gin-lovers dream, nosey your way through a range of distillates and learn the rich history of the spirit, before creating your own unique blend to takeaway in a bottle. Maybe it’s best to ditch the Boris bike for the journey home...

What to wear: an Oxford shirt and jeans.

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