Mr. Beaufort's Summer Season Essentials

As I write this, I’m mentally preparing myself for that victory sip to signify the first day of summer. The months ahead are the perfect cocktail of one-part pub walk, one-part weekend away and five-parts glorious sunshine (occasionally served with ice).

Whatever your tipple, it’s time to raise a glass to the fact that winter is now a figment of our imaginations and summer sunshine will soon prevail. To ensure you’re sartorially prepared for the warmer weather, I’ve pulled together my summer season essentials.

Off court style

When it comes to summer sporting events in Britain, we’re truly spoilt for choice. From Cowdray Park to Centre Court, no weekend goes by without a healthy dose of competition. Whether you’re on or off court, appropriate attire is a must. This summer (when not sporting MCC colours) I’d recommend rocking the Michael Dublé, aka double linen. If you’re looking for inspiration then why not try The Ingworth Linen and our White Linen Shorts.


Make a splash

There’s only a handful of essential items required for a summer weekend getaway – passport, sunglasses and swim shorts (yes, and Factor 50). To ensure you leave the right poolside impression I strongly recommend sticking to the golden rules of selecting swimming attire:

  1. Speedos are illegal – unless you’re an Olympic athlete or you save lives

  2. If you’d be uncomfortable wearing them as regular shorts, they’re too small

  3. Pattern is key, ditch the Dad design

This summer, I’ll be snapping up a pair of our California Croc swim shorts. 

Sophisticated in stripes

Every man should welcome in the summer breeze with our stripe shirts. From beach to boardroom (are you really still wearing a suit to work?) our light-weight shirts will fast become a style staple. This season, we’ve introduced The Multi Panel  – a shirt full of character that will certainly put you at the centre of any conversation. You can thank us later for all the ensuing compliments!

Festival Season

We’re reaching the end of my summer essentials and I’d almost forgotten the most important consideration – festivals. Whether home or abroad, it’s important you soak up the sun and sounds in style. Ditch the ironic glitter jacket and instead opt for our yarn dye Linens. You know what, perhaps take a few?

Summer saddle

My style essentials wouldn’t be complete without reminding you on the importance of remaining comfortable in the saddle. No, I’m not referring to your sweaty summer bike ride home but your selection of cotton boxer shorts. Breathability is a must for warmer climates – sausages, after all, should only be cooked on the BBQ this season. Need I say anymore?

P.s. Our boxer shorts make the perfect gift for the 16th June. Shame on you if you don’t know what I’m referring to!


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