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Plan The Perfect Lockdown Valentine's Day

We’ve survived January – hooray! Which, for all the star-crossed lovers out there, means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You’ve probably been spending, quite frankly, a bit too much time in each other’s company recentlyEvery. Waking. Hour. But hey-ho you’re in it together and that’s definitely worth celebratingLockdown might have put a dampener on the fancy restaurant plans but fear not, we’ve mapped out the perfect Valentine’s day 

Sunday 14th February  

A lovely, lazy morning is in order. If you’d really planned ahead that sourdough starter would be back up and running, but alas…Instead, cook up a feast! We’re talking fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, flaky golden croissants. Fill your boots. For extra brownie points – bring them a cuppa in bed. Works wonders, every time.

 The perfect pancake recipe

135g plain flour | 1 tsp baking powder  | ½ tsp salt  | 2 tbsp caster sugar 
130ml milk | 1 large egg, beaten  | 2 tbsp melted butter 

Whisk all your ingredients together until there are no lumps. Heat your pan and add a knob of butter. Dollop out a big spoonful of batter and wait until the top of the pancake begins to bubble, then flip. When both sides are golden brown – voilà, you have the perfect pancake! 

They see me strollin 

Roll out the door and go for a meandering stroll. It’ll be chilly out there so don’t forget to layer up in one of our toasty knitsWhether clomping through muddy fields or wandering along the Thames, nothing ruins a walk quite like chattering teeth and bloodless toes.  

Clink, Clink, Clink

Before you know it, early evening has set in and with it the fresh, zesty notes of a gin & tonic. But we’re not talking a Sainsbury’s situation. Why not treat yourselves to a Craft Gin hamperFour different types of gin, three different tonic waters and a load of garnishes – things are about to get merry. 
If beer is your tipple of choice Cotswold Brew’s mini kegs are fantasticFitted with its own tap handle, close your eyes and you could be back at your local (minus the sticky floor)You’ll have to dress for the occasion of courseso reach for an oxford shirt and chinos. 

Food, Glorious Food! 

Right, let’s talk food. If you’re feeling crafty channel your inner OttolenghiOr save yourself a bit of hassle and order a meal kitWhip up mouth meltingly good pizzas from Dough Re-Me or go full steam with FishWorks oyster and wine experience. For a truly indulgent meal, you can’t beat Rick Stein’s menu box - fresh Cornish seafood straight to your door. We’ve got our eye on the lobster.

Pudding is an absolute must and who better to turn to than chef wonder woman Alexandra Dudley. Blood oranges, whipped chocolate ganache, cream and sesame brittle sound like a delicious combination? Well, she kindly shared a recipe. You’ll need: 

70g butter | 120g golden caster sugar  | 4tbsp honey | 200g sesame seeds 
200g dark chocolate | 150ml boiling water | 250ml double cream 
A splash or amaretto or Cointreau  | 2 blood oranges  


And for the post-dinner entertainment? 

Uno! Backgammon! Golden oldies. If you don’t want the evening to get competitive, snuggle down to a Netflix romcomAbout Time, The Notebook and Hitch are on our list. 

Blooming Lovely 

Flowers. Don’t forget flowers! Make sure to order ahead of time and, if possible, keep it local. If you’re in the SW area, Blume Studio source the freshest possible flowers from New Covent Garden Market every morning. Their beautiful bouquets are guaranteed to put a smile on your partners face. 

When it comes to cardsAnnie Dornan Smith and Katie Leamon will do the hard work for youJust try and avoid writing ‘Roses are red…’ this year perhaps?  

Sending Love From Afar 

And for those of you who can’t be together this Valentine’s Day, treat them to a B&B delivery! From smile-worthy boxers to brilliant Bretons, head on over and find them something they’ll truly love.


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