It’s the second week of the Six Nations and London is once again in the grip of rugby fever.  England, Scotland and Wales have kicked off the tournament famously, with a win a piece. Rugby fans will await with baited breath for the Blockbuster battle of the weekend as Hartley leads England's elite into Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to square up with the Welsh. Ireland will be heading to the walls of the Eternal City, eager to clock a win following last week’s disappointing Scottish skirmish. Finally, Scotland meet France in the city of love itself, passionate it will be, romantic most definitely not. Read on for Beaufort & Blake's inside scoop on what to wear and where to go to watch the action unfold. 

What to wear?

Whether you’re backing England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales, we suggest you get suited and booted for the occasion. Beaufort & Blake have compiled a comprehensive kit list to make sure your sartorial game doesn’t get kicked into touch.

1. Thurloe Brushed Plaid Shirt from Beaufort & Blake. 
2. Dark Navy Sharps from Spoke. 
3. The Chelseas (Chocolate) from Fairfax & Favor. 
4. Trooper Wax Jacket from Barbour. 


    Best Seats In the House - Where to watch it? 

    Not got ringside tickets? Don’t fret; get set to tackle the weekend with our handpicked selection of hot seats located in a public house near you. 

    No.1 - The Cabbage patch

    Cabbage Patch

    67 London Rd, Twickenham TW1 3SZ

    A stone’s throw from Twickenham, The Cabbage Patch, aside from being the most famous rugby pub in the world, cultivates the perfect atmosphere for match viewing. Alongside an impressive array of ales and a whisky collection to whet the palette, the pub’s restaurant has recently been treated to a revamp aptly named, Billy William’s Potting Shed. The pub is sporting a ‘Rugby Menu’ for the Six Nations which champions a delectable array of fine fodder, and with French Onion Soup, Confit Duck & Smoked Sausage Cassoulet in the mix, you’d be a fool to sidestep this one.


    No. 2 The Sands End 

    35-137 Stephendale Rd, Fulham, London SW6 2PR

    Beaufort & Blake’s local, The Sands End serves up a slice of the countryside in the heart of Fulham’s quiet residential streets. It’s the pub with a family feel and country appeal and the only place where Labradors, Lurchers and French Bulldogs make up a large percentage of the clientele. For the occasion, the pub projects matches onto makeshift screens and crowds huddle round ensuring an intimate, sitting room feel. Forget the oranges, the Sands End’s half time snacks have a amassed a cult following, be sure to sample their sausage rolls and scotch eggs for gourmet calibre pub grub.

    No. 3 Famous Three Kings

    171 North End Rd, Fulham, London W14 9NL

    The Famous Three Kings is a handsome drinking spot and a firm favourite amongst the Welsh contingent. This pub claims it will ‘fulfil your dreams in televised sport,’ and it’s not difficult to see why. The pub knows a thing or two about sports broadcasting with over 71,000 TV Channels and 16 screens to choose from, you certainly won’t get caught on the blind side. For beer and ale aficionado’s, there’s a mean selection of crafty brews while the pub’s ‘7 deadly gins’ will ensure spirited drinkers still have everything to play for.

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