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Mr Beaufort: How to Father's Day
(Social Distance Style)

 Social distancing might have become the norm but that’s no reason to stop you from saying thank you (virtual or otherwise) this Father’s Day. Whether you’re at home together, able to drive over for a visit, or thinking of him from afar,
here are my top tips.

Socially Distanced BBQ
Nothing signals the start of a great weekend quite like firing up the barbecue. And good news - even if you’ve not been knocking around together during lockdown, a father-son BBQ is officially back on the menu! Two metres apart but a burger and beer in hand - sounds like a pretty decent day to me.

Cricket at the beach
There are few things better than being able to knock a ball around with your old man. If you really want to make his day,
why not let him score a couple of runs before bowling that yorker.

Order a pint (or two)
Just because you can’t take him to his favourite pub doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a craft brew. Why not support local - if he’s in London, Forest Road can deliver ice cold pints direct to his door. We’ll raise a glass to that! 

A day trip
Pack up a picnic in the Land Rover or head to the seas for a sail. Fresh air and country scenes tick all the boxes.
Sorry, no mums (or other households…) allowed!

And for the long-distanced fathers
A B & B parcel is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. From boxer shorts fit for a king, to conversation-starter socks -
discover the ultimate Father’s Day gift roundup here.

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