A friend stitches a union jack into the back of his dress shirt for a Best of British themed university ball; the idea for the first shirt, a pattern back dress shirt is conceived.

The founders - two agricultural students and a Jermyn Street apprentice meet by chance at a secluded Cotswold pub. Beaufort & Blake is born.

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Beaufort & Blake launches with just 50 dress shirts, sold out the back of a Land Rover to friends and family. These sell in one week, faster than ever imagined, 300 more shirts arrive soon after and beaufortandblake.com goes live.

About Beaufort and Blake Timeline 2013


Beaufort & Blake turns full time, and embarks on a tour selling products at shows and events up and down the country, meeting customers and gaining valuable feedback along the way.

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A year of expansion. Beaufort & Blake takes on an in-house designer, launches casual shirts and ties and begins to make a name for its iconic print design and attention to detail. The Autumn/Winter collection features a debut collaboration with heritage gentlemans outfitter Cordings of Piccadilly.

About Beaufort and Blake Timeline 2015


The Beaufort & Blake team continues to grow and opens a London Office and distribution warehouse in Battersea. The first catalogue is launched in conjunction with a significant print campaign across major British titles such as Tatler & Country Life. Casual shirts become the staple of the brand and even bigger plans are drawn up for the future.

Watch this space...

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